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  • Mar242020
    fda and cbd

    What the FDA Says About CBD

    Everything you eat, everything you drink, and every medicine you take is (ostensibly) regulated by the FDA. The Food and Drug Administration oversees roughly one trillion…

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  • Mar102020
    traveling with CBD

    Traveling with CBD: What You Need to Know

    A road trip can be a liberating experience, but what about when you’re traveling with CBD? The open air blowing through your vehicle, the endless vistas…

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  • Feb212020
    who and NIDA on CBD

    WHO and NIDA Want CBD Approved for Medicinal Purposes

    Wellness is a word that practically embraces the soul. It connotes healthcare, but it engenders so much more. We all strive to be well – not…

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  • Feb072020
    thc-free cbd products

    The Lowdown on THC-Free CBD

    Wellness is a virtue. We all seek it and we all must strive to share it. But wellness means very different things to different people. Our…

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  • Jan272020
    2020 candidates

    Where Each 2020 Presidential Candidate Stands on Marijuana & CBD

    The 2020 candidates are debating, but it’s more are about more than she said/he said or the eternal horserace of polls, pundits, and politics as usual.…

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  • Jan132020
    safely buying CBD

    Must-Know Tips for Safely Buying CBD

    CBD is incredibly trendy right now. Is there anything else quite so popular in the health and wellness industry? You’d be hard-pressed to find it. But…

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