Where Each 2020 Presidential Candidate Stands on Marijuana & CBD

Where Each 2020 Presidential Candidate Stands on Marijuana & CBD
January 27, 2020 Hugs CBD
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The 2020 candidates are debating, but it’s more are about more than she said/he said or the eternal horserace of polls, pundits, and politics as usual.

They are the epitome of choice.

Deciding who will be our next commander in chief has real, everyday implications on how you live your life. The government regulates the materials you choose to buy and ingest. They also control federal highways and other modes of transportation that dictate how these goods are distributed. We are passionately concerned about these issues because they affect how we connect with you, the valued customer. Our proprietary system is pioneering the best, fastest, and cheapest way to get our quality products to your doorstep with as little interference as possible.

So, let’s see what our 2020 candidates believe when it comes to choice, commerce, and the freedom to live your life the way you want.


Although the former Vice President won’t wholeheartedly endorse marijuana or CBD legalization on a federal level, he is open to allowing states to mandate their own laws when it comes to hemp products. Biden has focused on forgiving and expunging the criminal records of those who have previously been incarcerated for weed possession and distribution and has stated that no new arrests should occur simply due to an individual’s cannabis usage.


Senator Warren has also emphasized the need for a fairer justice system when it comes to weed products. Unlike Biden, she is working on a federal level to pass the Marijuana Justice Act, a bill aimed at reclassifying cannabis so that it is no longer grouped with other controlled substances like cocaine and opioids. By ending the stigma around pot use, Warren is one of the 2020 candidates who hopes to give minor offenders a better future, free of criminal complications.


Another co-sponsor of the aforementioned bill is the senior Senator from Vermont, Bernie Sanders. A vehement critic of our failed narcotics demonization over the last several decades, Sanders was quoted as saying, “The disastrous policies that make up the War on Drugs have not reduced drug use and violent crime. We must use effective therapeutic, not punitive, solutions to address drug addiction,” 


As a veteran of the war in Afghanistan, Mayor Pete has seen the ravages of PTSD in his fellow soldiers. All too often, their anxieties and distress lead to opioid addictions; these brave men and women are doing anything they can to erase the pain and confusion thrust on them in the fog of war. That is why Buttigieg is among the most sympathetic candidates when it comes to criminal absolution. He advocates for the decriminalization of all controlled substances, calling for understanding over-incarceration.


Entrepreneur Andrew Yang takes a more fiduciary approach to legalization. He acknowledges the wildly inconsistent laws that govern our divided nation but focuses more on the potential revenue that cannabis could generate for our federal government, which he estimates to be in the arena of tens of billions. 


The president has issued a statement indicating that he will allow individual states to establish their own regulations when it comes to CBD and other cannabis products. However, Trump’s Secretary of Health and Human Services as well as his Surgeon General contradicted this permissive policy stance with an ominous warning that they perceive marijuana to be more dangerous than the rest of us do. To know where the president currently stands on any given issue, it may be necessary to check his mercurial Twitter feed.


This former Massachusetts governor is one of the only Republicans challenging Mr. Trump in the primary election, and Weld’s commitment to pot rights date back to 1992. He is on the board of directors at a cannabis company called Acreage Holdings and is vocal about limiting the federal government’s role in criminalizing victimless offenses like CBD and marijuana use.


Another former governor, Mark Sanford of South Carolina, argued against the Trump administration’s policies during his recent tenure as a Congressman. Sanford urged lawmakers to stop cracking down on cannabis operations that are operating legally in their respective states. If Sanford and Weld are able to debate Trump on the issues facing our great nation, then perhaps pot will be one of the topics of their heated conversation.


This issue isn’t just a matter of talking heads and empty promises; the above 2020 candidates hold the future of legalization in their diminutive hands. You know your body, you understand its needs and potential, so why is it up to a politician to decide how you treat it?

Our CBD products are designed to enhance the human condition. From a muscle rub that releases your subcutaneous tension to a tincture that’s robust with hemp (yet contains 0% THC) to our delicious line of gummies, we unleash the freedom to explore your mind, heart, and soul. That can’t be legislated… for now.

Be sure to vote your conscience and expand your horizons!

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