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  • Aug142020

    What are Face Oils and How do I Use Them?

    Recently, you may have noticed that skincare and acne prevention has grown far beyond the days of rinsing your face…

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  • Aug072020

    Guide to the Perfect Summer Road Trip

    Preparation  The idea of a spontaneous road trip, undefined by either a plan or a destination may seem romantic but…

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  • Jul312020

    Packing the Perfect Summer Picnic Basket

    The perfect picnic menu can vary depending on time of year and personal taste but we’ve created some great summertime…

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  • Jul242020

    7 Ways to Get the Most Out Of Your Journal

    Raise your hand if you currently have at least three empty journals or notebooks on your desk that you bought…

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  • Jul172020

    75 Things to do Right Now to Improve Your Life

    Are we about to fix all of your problems with this list? Ok probably not, but doing positive things for…

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  • Jul102020

    A Beginner’s Guide to Forest Bathing

    What is forest bathing? Mary Oliver said of trees, “they give off such hints of gladness. I would almost say…

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  • Jul032020

    8 Scents to Integrate into Your Life Today

    Smell is one of the most powerful senses. Because it is directly connected to the hippocampus (the brain’s center for…

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  • Jul032020

    15 Acts of Kindness You Can do Today

    It’s so easy to get caught up in our own lives and stresses that we forget what’s happening in the…

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  • Jun262020

    The Beginner’s Guide to Yoga and Meditation

    With all the stressors in our lives, a life of unclenched jaws and relaxed shoulders may feel out of reach,…

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  • Jun192020
    cbd smoothies

    3 Summertime CBD Smoothies

    Summer is on its way, and the temperature has already started to go up. To beat the heat (and add…

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