CBD Industry

  • Nov172020
    How to take the perfect cbd bath_1080x680

    How To Take The Perfect CBD Bath

    We are huge fans of taking 20-30 minutes at the end of the day to relax and soak in a…

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  • Aug282020

    Why Hemp? Let Us Break it Down For You!

    Last month we asked our frequent customers to answer a survey about hemp extract. Our mission was simple, and we…

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  • Jul312020

    Packing the Perfect Summer Picnic Basket

    The perfect picnic menu can vary depending on time of year and personal taste but we’ve created some great summertime…

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  • Mar102020
    traveling with CBD

    Traveling with CBD: What You Need to Know

    A road trip can be a liberating experience, but what about when you’re traveling with CBD? The open air blowing…

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  • Feb072020
    thc-free cbd products

    The Lowdown on THC-Free CBD

    Wellness is a virtue. We all seek it and we all must strive to share it. But wellness means very…

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  • Jan272020
    2020 candidates

    Where Each 2020 Presidential Candidate Stands on Marijuana & CBD

    The 2020 candidates are debating, but it’s more are about more than she said/he said or the eternal horserace of…

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  • Jan132020
    safely buying CBD

    Must-Know Tips for Safely Buying CBD

    CBD is incredibly trendy right now. Is there anything else quite so popular in the health and wellness industry? You’d…

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  • Oct232019
    hemp farming act

    How the Hemp Farming Act is Helping the CBD Industry

    The Hemp Farming Act, part of a sweeping piece of legislation called the 2018 Farm Bill, recently de-listed hemp as…

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  • Sep262019

    Is CBD Legal in the U.K.?

    In the early spring of 2019, a trio of three British men was granted one of the first licenses in…

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  • Sep122019

    Why Levi’s Might Switch from Cotton to Hemp

    Why Levi’s Might Switch from Cotton to Hemp Cotton has been the king of fabrics for centuries. But with the…

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