Must-Know Tips for Safely Buying CBD

Must-Know Tips for Safely Buying CBD
January 13, 2020 Hugs CBD
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CBD is incredibly trendy right now. Is there anything else quite so popular in the health and wellness industry? You’d be hard-pressed to find it. But is CBD always safe? Unfortunately, CBD is such a new product to hit the market that it has been left largely unregulated. Lately, there have been several reports on the dangers of certain types of vapes. While there are a lot of honest and upfront CBD brands out there, there are also a lot of questionable ones too. For consumers who are interested in using CBD, they must do their due diligence when searching for a product. Here are our top must-know tips for how to buy CBD safely from a high-quality, trustworthy company. 

What’s going on with the CBD vaping scandals in the news?

In the latter half of 2019, there were several deaths and illnesses reported that were tied to the use of vaping products. In late September, the CDC uncovered that some contaminated THC-related vaping products were connected to these deaths and injuries. Many were concerned that the CBD vaping heyday might be coming to an end and that THC vaping was dangerous. Upon further testing, though, it was found that these THC vape products implicated in the reports were bootlegged products that had been laced with hydrogen cyanide – a deadly substance. Hydrogen cyanide is a chemical substance that causes asphyxiation. It starves the body’s organs of oxygen. People who’ve been injured by these bootleg products have also suffered from permanent lung damage. 

How can you buy CBD safely?

First of all, it’s important not to panic. Vaping pens and THC products that are purchased from reputable companies are not laced with poisonous or other hazardous substances. Researchers have found that in all cases of vaping-related illnesses, the people who were injured purchased bootleg products on the black market. It’s possible to protect yourself from harmful products and still enjoy CBD with the following must-know buying tips. 

Only purchase CBD from a reputable brand

CBD and other hemp-related products are considered supplements. That means they aren’t regulated by strict FDA standards, which is the case with OTC medicines and prescription drugs. For this reason and a few others, legitimacy is incredibly essential when it comes to choosing a CBD brand. Fortunately, the best brands are meeting these consumer needs and offering increased transparency and honesty in their product sourcing, manufacturing, and refinement. 

One tip for gauging brand legitimacy is to look at how much information they are putting out there. While transparency and knowing product ingredients are necessary, another thing that differentiates less reputable brands from the good ones is if they demonstrate forward-thinking practices. 

What would this look like in practice? Well, a brand could put isolate into a new cosmetic product, which would be a demonstration of forward-thinking practices, but that’s not all. Consumers should also look to see if the company is also researching why their products are beneficial. They should also show consumers where their hemp is sourced. Trust and transparency are critical for brands to demonstrate and equally crucial for consumers to look for when purchasing a CBD product. Consumers should also look for a company’s so-called “farm to shelf” practices. Does the company have established connections to hemp growers or CBD manufacturers? That’s a good indicator that they aren’t selling you a bootlegged product. 

Does the company offer a certificate of analysis?

A label can say anything. Consumers should look for CBD products with a lab test result to back up what’s written on the label. Only purchase CBD products from companies third-party test their products through a lab, and offer consumers the chance to look through the lab results.what all should you consider when looking through a PDF for CBD lab test results?

  • Look for the batch number of the CBD product you’re interested in buying. CBD products are typically made in batches. Consumers will need to match the number with the certificate of analysis it refers to. 
  • What is the product’s potency? Consumers should look for how much CBD is in the product, along with what’s called “total cannabinoids.” The lab results for strength indicate how much CBD or other cannabinoid compounds are in the product. 
  • Contaminants and pesticides will also be listed on lab test results. Lower-quality hemp will be grown in soil that is contaminated with pesticides, that can get into the final product. CBD that is extracted with solvents will also make their way into the product. Heavy metals and toxins will be present in low-quality, bootlegged products.  

How old is the company?

The CBD craze is a new phenomenon, and in such a primarily unregulated industry, the black market for CBD is booming right along with legitimate CBD manufacturers and suppliers. Unfortunately, it’s not hard for dishonest companies to pop up practically overnight and start selling their wares to unsuspecting consumers. When shopping for CBD, take into consideration how old the company is. Companies that have been in business for a couple of years are usually a safe bet. Don’t forget to check out third-party review sites too. 

Where is the hemp grown?

A trustworthy company will tell consumers where the hemp they use in their products is grown. For safety’s sake, it’s best to purchase hemp products that are sourced from plants grown in places where industrial hemp growth has been legal for many years. In these places, the industry has created strict regulations around the hemp’s quality and safety from heavy metals, contaminants, and potentially harmful pesticides. For U.S. consumers, hemp that is grown in Colorado, and California is best. 

Why choose HUGS?

Consumers can significantly benefit from using high-quality CBD products. Unfortunately, unscrupulous people have tarnished the industry with contaminated products, harming consumers in the pursuit of making a quick buck. CBD shoppers should always do their research before making a purchase and steer clear of bootlegged products. 

At Hugs CBD, we value transparency and honesty in the CBD industry. All Hugs CBD products are made for hemp that is safely grown in Colorado. Hugs CBD products are independently tested through a third-party lab. Shoppers are free to look over the certificate of analysis so they can make an informed and safe decision. 

If your doctor has given you the green light for CBD, shop with us online today. We offer a selection of high-quality CBD products, from tasty gummies and drink mixes, to classic tinctures. 


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