Our Favorite Wellness Blogs

Our Favorite Wellness Blogs
August 19, 2019 Hugs CBD
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Wellness Blogs

We all need a bit of inspiration to lead healthy and fulfilling lives. Blogs can be powerful resources for transformation, reinforcing the things we do that benefit us while giving us the kind of knowledge that allows us to work on our shortcomings and seek both personal and worldly improvement.

Whether it’s health, fitness, or simply living better, there are so many unique perspectives out there that it’s difficult to condense into one post. We want to help you stay motivated and mindful, so we’ve put together this list of inspiring resources that can help anyone achieve the right kind of self-care that suits you and all your needs.

We’ve already gone through some of our favorite podcasts, now let’s take a look at some of the blogs we’ve been loving!



For everyone who is embarking on a journey that encapsulates the mental, physical, spiritual, and environmental aspects of well-being, mindbodygreen provides a vision for both the now and the future. Described as a “360-degree approach to wellness,” mbg highlights change-makers, covers nutritional tips, and explores ways that we can all help and heal the planet through a lens of revitalizing the way people eat, move, and live.

Recent posts include exploring what kind of smoothies benefit gut health, spiritual practices to overcome low self-esteem, ayurvedic secrets to staying cool in the summer, and how to alleviate childhood boredom with fun indoor adventures.

Mindbodygreen also hosts revitalization events that feature thoughtful interviews, discussion panels, and personal stories that can inspire even the most cynical amongst us!



Well+Good highlights how cool healthy living truly can be. The blog, founded by Alexia Brue and Melisse Gelula, keeps track of trend-setting movements in nutrition, lifestyle, fitness, and more.

In addition to articles about overall skincare, cooking for yourself over ordering takeout, and intimacy advice, they’ve created a “Wellness Collective” that aims to take the confusion out of living better lives with “actionable, useful, and realistic advice” that is worth your attention. The blog is suited to going beyond fitness regimes and detoxes into what they claim is a holistic approach to life that connects from the self to careers and communities.

The blog also focuses on how to make one’s home as inviting as can be with houseplant hacks, tips on ditching plastics for biodegradable tableware, and secrets on how to keep your living space toxin-free.


The Minimalists

The Minimalists take intentional living to an entirely new level, demonstrating that even a simple shift of attitude can be all you need to transcend into an exciting new plane of existence. Founded by filmmakers, authors, and podcasters Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus, the Minimalists “help over 20 million people live meaningful lives with less.”

Topics include embracing simplicity and not just cutting out and decluttering but making more room in your life for the things you find absolutely necessary. Their writing touches on health, relationships, and personal growth with less “stuff” and more passion. Their blog is an engaging read that both captures the zeitgeist of what it means to live a modern lifestyle while celebrating ancient wisdom so we can all live less interrupted and more fruitful lives.

They also deconstruct what “minimalism” truly means and rejects the term as some kind of passing fad. They help explain that minimalism doesn’t mean you need to get rid of your car or TV, but instead is a philosophical tool that can assist you in finding freedom – “freedom from fear, freedom from worry, freedom from overwhelm… freedom from the trappings of the consumer culture we’ve built our lives around.”



Yoga, weight loss, and healthy living encapsulate the spirit of “healthy living from the inside out” that Avocadu pride itself on. The blog itself is a response to fad diets and provides actionable value that hones in on daily habits and guides to help individuals meet all of their goals.

Recent posts include implementing meditation techniques for weight loss, the incredible benefits of juicing, and how to transform depression into motivation that can change the entire trajectory of your life.

There are also recommended resources such as Omega-3, coconut oil, and probiotics to help with digestive health, immune function, and weight loss.



Greatest is aimed at a millennial audience and prides itself on a “painstaking focus on quality” with a wide variety of fitness, food, and workout topics.

Recent posts dive into the wonders of antioxidant-rich white tea, the gamification of tracking your steps every day, the powerful probiotic benefits of kefir lassi, and post-workout chia coconut water recipes.

The workout videos on the blog are a fantastic resource for anyone who is accustomed to a job where they’re sitting at a desk all day and delve into motivational exercises that can strengthen one’s core, bend you into striking flexibility, flow with your chakras, and transform inactive people into individuals who are more than ready to achieve their dreams.


Which blog is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.


Happy reading!

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