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  • Nov172020

    The Benefits of a Nighttime Regiment

    Mornings are busy. Especially if you are still attempting to function like a human being in 2020, you’re probably waking up, taking a shower, getting dressed,…

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  • Nov172020
    How to take the perfect cbd bath_1080x680

    How To Take The Perfect CBD Bath

    We are huge fans of taking 20-30 minutes at the end of the day to relax and soak in a nice and hot bath. It’s necessary…

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  • Sep182020
    How to Make Peace with the Morning_1080x680

    How to Make Peace With the Morning

    6 am on a Monday morning, a mountain of emails, tasks, and activities stretching before you, not enough sleep the night before, and absolutely no desire…

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  • Sep042020

    5 CBD Overnight Oats Recipes

    Overnight oats are perfect if you like preparing your breakfasts on the weekend, don’t have much time in the morning, or are simply too sleepy to…

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  • Aug282020

    Why Hemp? Let Us Break it Down For You!

    Last month we asked our frequent customers to answer a survey about hemp extract. Our mission was simple, and we know you love hemp extract, but…

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  • Aug212020

    What is Burnout and How do I Deal With It?

    If you’ve been suffering from exhaustion, a feeling of emptiness and have been finding yourself snapping more easily you may be experiencing burnout. Burnout is a…

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