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  • Oct232019
    hemp farming act

    How the Hemp Farming Act is Helping the CBD Industry

    The Hemp Farming Act, part of a sweeping piece of legislation called the 2018 Farm Bill, recently de-listed hemp as a controlled substance. This move, authorized…

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  • Oct092019
    wellness apps

    Our Top 5 Wellness Apps

    Smartphones aren’t just a gigantic timewaster that takes us away from moments of mindfulness. Nonsense! They are tools that can unlock greater inner wisdom and vision…

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  • Sep262019

    Is CBD Legal in the U.K.?

    In the early spring of 2019, a trio of three British men was granted one of the first licenses in the U.K. to grow and cultivate…

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  • Sep122019

    Why Levi’s Might Switch from Cotton to Hemp

    Why Levi’s Might Switch from Cotton to Hemp Cotton has been the king of fabrics for centuries. But with the recent legalization of industrial hemp, cotton…

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  • Aug192019
    Wellness Blogs

    Our Favorite Wellness Blogs

    We all need a bit of inspiration to lead healthy and fulfilling lives. Blogs can be powerful resources for transformation, reinforcing the things we do that…

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  • Aug052019
    Cooking with CBD

    Cooking with CBD

    Preparing your own meals has wide-ranging health benefits that can nourish both your appetite and your soul. It brings you face-to-face with the many culinary wonders…

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