Top 10 Best Reviewed CBD Products

Top 10 Best Reviewed CBD Products
December 30, 2019 Hugs CBD
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Whether you put it in your bathtub or in your snacks, you definitely want CBD in your life! The abbreviation stands for cannabidiol and the products stand apart from the crowd. From edibles to bath salts to tinctures, we are combing through the best CBD reviews to count down the essential highlights for your enlightened lifestyle.


If you’ve had a long day and don’t want it to get any longer, skip the high of THC and enjoy the Broad Spectrum CBD of these gummy treats. Featuring a pleasing array of flavors including orange, lemon, and grape, our HUGS reviews speak for themselves. Fans love the convenience of a solid edible and the playfulness of a fruity treat. Popping a gummy will always deliver you a much-deserved five-star experience.


When it is your proverbial “time of the month,” don’t let menstrual cramps rule you. Fight back with CBD capsules made with valerian root and other natural ingredients. As these wellness capsules’ CBD reviews can attest, they are perfect for that special someone in your life who feels not so special once every four weeks. 


When the tension rises, you wear it all over your face. Your brow furls, your teeth clench, and your lips purse. Ease that stress by applying a soothing CBD balm to your mouth. You’ll feel the relief almost immediately and then enjoy the benefits of infused lip balm for hours to follow. While the CBD works its way into your soul, the moisturizing ingredients in the balm heal cracks and inflammation on your lips. 


From lip balm to bath bombs, CBD does it all. When you are ready to wash the day away, draw a bath, and get ready for an essential escape. The jojoba oil and Epsom salts in our CBD Bath Bomb conspire to bring you the rejuvenation you need. Available in rose or lavender, everything’s coming up YOU! Immerse yourself in the HUGS CBD product reviews that confirm our official status as “da bomb” – thanks, Buzzfeed! And now that you’re done surfing the net, surf some tub waves. Your active muscles need some tender loving CBD at the end of a stressful day and our Bath Bomb is just the embrace you need. Rinse, repeat, and replenish.


Can’t get enough of the bomb balms? Well then, you came to the right place! Joints and muscles feel the effects of the daily grind directly. When we talk nebulously about stress and anxiety, we often overlook the harsh reality lurking in plain sight: our appendages need some attention. When you apply joint balm directly to the site of your tension, it can help the aches dissipate in a haze of CBD supremacy. The accompanying shea butter and coconut oil softens your epidermis as the cannabidiol soothes even deeper.


We all love chocolate for the taste, but we should also love it for its healing properties. Evidence suggests that the flavanol in cocoa products may lower blood pressure as well as cholesterol. Well, it’s in good company! The chemical benefits of CBD are also well established. Cannabidiol has proven to help regulate the brain chemicals that control pain and mood. In some reports,  it’s stated that CBD may also help alleviate the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, and Crohn’s disease. When paired with our favorite guilty pleasure, CBD chocolate products have the power to delight! From the potential physiological benefits of flavanols to the psychological boost of cannabidiol, a tasty chocolate CBD treat is just what the doctor (and baker) ordered.


The perfect pairing to our stellar HUGS CBD product reviews is our Drink Mix. This delicious elixir is infused with just enough caffeine to perk you up and just the right proprietary blend of CBD to keep you balanced. No jitters for you! It’s the perfect beverage for an active morning, a post-workout chill session, or a pre-evening pick-me-up. Our HUGS Drink Mix is packed with vitamins to amplify your healthy lifestyle. But our favorite supplement of all is Vitamin CBD-R! We love hearing from satisfied customers because satisfaction is our secret ingredient. Actually, it’s not so secret anymore; people are really starting to recognize our flow!


For persistent joint and muscle pains, consider a CBD or hemp patch. Easily concealed beneath your fashionable style, these patches offer CBD solutions to chronic discomfort. 


Now that you’re feeling good, it’s time to look good too! For an expression that reflects your inner Zen, spritz yourself with a facial mist imbued with CBD goodness. Show off a newfound glow, courtesy of rosehip oil, as the oil relaxes the fine musculature in your face and neck. This is the perfect product to apply right before bed. Good night, indeed!


 The jewel in our CBD crown has got to be our world-class Full Spectrum Tincture. Pack a bag before checking out the HUGS reviews, because you’ll be there a while! From our fans with mango mania to those who share their raspberry raves, the word of mouth is deafening. 

The drip, drip, drip of positive HUGS CBD product reviews has become a deluge of devotion, and you can enjoy the love one droplet at a time. 

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