Our Top 5 Wellness Podcasts

Our Top 5 Wellness Podcasts
July 3, 2019 Hugs CBD
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We’re living in the golden era of podcasts. There is so much valuable knowledge, inspiration, and information that exists on the Internet that can truly help individuals who are seeking it. The problem is there is so much information out there that it can be truly daunting to even know where to start!

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Fortunately, we’ve been keeping an ear open for some of the most popular and motivating shows on the web, and have been listening intently to what some of the greatest minds and thinkers have to say about living their best lives.

Podcasts are a great way to soak up wisdom and integrate positive affirmations in creating an atmosphere of wellness and inspiration in your life. And the best part is – you can access them anywhere, whatever daily activities you may be immersed in.

So let’s take another step towards self-care and fire up some of our favorite wellness podcasts in finding that balance of living a healthier and happier life.

Here are five that we’ve particularly enjoyed recently:


On Being

The On Being project explores the intersection of spiritual inquiry, science, social healing, community, and the arts in asking questions such as: What does it mean to be human? How do we want to live? And who will we be to each other?

Hosted by Peabody Award-winning broadcaster Krista Tippett, this weekly Peabody Award podcast seeks to unravel the mysteries of life while building a platform centering around real human connection.

Notable episodes include Eat Pray Love author Elizabeth Gilbert talking about choosing curiosity over fear, Wired editor Kevin Kelly on the spiritual meaning of technology in the coming age of artificial intelligence, and School of Life founder Alain de Botton on re-examining our view of love and relationships.

[sf_button colour=”accent” type=”standard” size=”standard” link=”https://onbeing.org/series/” target=”_blank” icon=”” dropshadow=”no” rounded=”no” extraclass=””]Listen here[/sf_button]


Hurdle features stories of inspiration of those who defeated anxiety and pressure in overcoming odds by incorporating the power of wellness into their routines.

Hosted by former SELF Magazine fitness editor and personal trainer Emily Abbate, the show highlights the wisdom that people have gained through getting up and rising to the occasion in trying times.

Recent episodes highlight U.S. Soccer star Alex Morgan’s rise from injury to World Cup glory, Purple Heart recipient Omar Avila’s road from U.S. Army infantryman to Paralympic powerlifter, and yoga instructor Sjana Elise Earp’s path from severe depression and attempted suicide to cathartic journaling and physical movement.

[sf_button colour=”accent” type=”standard” size=”standard” link=”https://www.hurdle.us/podcast” target=”_blank” icon=”” dropshadow=”no” rounded=”no” extraclass=””]Listen here[/sf_button]

The Rich Roll Podcast

Rich Roll is a plant-powered wellness advocate and ultra-endurance athlete whose podcast features guest interviews on fitness, veganism, and nutrition. He’s had conversations with Russell Brand on his spiritual awakening, Sanjay Gupta on the link between happiness and longevity, and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey on finding light amidst the growing toxicity of public conversation.

Rich encourages listeners to “unleash your best, most authentic self” in championing personal and professional development across all industries. Recent episodes include deep dives into digital minimalism, positive work-life balance, and how to expand the human lifespan.

Rich is a bestselling author with the publication of his memoir Finding Ultra: Rejecting Middle Age, Becoming One of the World’s Fittest Men, and Discovering Myself, documenting his physical transformation from a sedentary life to an Ultraman and Ironman competitor.

[sf_button colour=”accent” type=”standard” size=”standard” link=”https://www.hurdle.us/podcast” target=”_blank” icon=”” dropshadow=”no” rounded=”no” extraclass=””]Listen here[/sf_button]

Ali on the Run

For those either running towards something or running away from something that may be holding you back, Ali Feller has a pod for you.

Ali, an avid runner turned podcast host, covers topics such as fertility, relationships, and business in inspiring individuals to integrate fitness and wellness into their daily lives. She speaks with everyday runners, professional athletes, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders in unveiling how their decisions, successes, failures, and missteps can help guide both her own, as well as those of her listeners.

Recent guests include Motherly co-founders Jill Koziol and Liz Tenety, six-time marathoner April Cargill, and pelvic floor physical therapist Dr. Abligail Bales.

[sf_button colour=”accent” type=”standard” size=”standard” link=”http://www.aliontherunblog.com/ali-on-the-run-show-podcast/” target=”_blank” icon=”” dropshadow=”no” rounded=”no” extraclass=””]Listen here[/sf_button]

Hurry Slowly

Hurry Slowly amplifies the simple importance of slowing down, and how it relates to higher levels of productivity, creativity, and resiliency. Host Jocelyn K. Glei asks deep thinkers, artists, and thought leaders about discovering positive balance in navigating work and life at a more sustainable pace.

She has interviewed Basecamp CEO Jason Fried about finding a slow and steady approach to work in a world of constant interruptions, designer Craig Mod on how to break free from “attention slavery,” and futurist Alex Pang on the critical importance of inward focus and ample rest in the creative process.

This newer podcast aims to help listeners find more time in their day to do what makes them feel alive, while offering tips on unplugging, getting outside, and cultivating present moment awareness.

[sf_button colour=”accent” type=”standard” size=”standard” link=”https://hurryslowly.co/episodes/” target=”_blank” icon=”” dropshadow=”no” rounded=”no” extraclass=””]Listen here[/sf_button]

We hope you find inspiration in these podcasts, and we’d love to hear what you thought of them! Which is your favorite?

Happy listening!


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