How do CBD Bath Bombs Work?

CBD bath bombs are one of the most relaxing and easiest ways to use CBD. Once the bomb dissolves into hot water, users can absorb the cannabidiol through their skin. Like CBD lotions and creams, CBD bath bombs are a topical product. But unlike lotions and creams, bath bombs are not a targeted way to use CBD. So, how do they work? Simply drop it into the tub and watch it fizzle and dissolve. The product will release essential oils into the water for a soothing, spa-day-at-home experience.

What is a bath bomb?

Bath bombs come in either a spherical or block shape. The products are designed to be tossed into the tub, where they fizzle and then dissolve, releasing relaxing scents and soothing essential oils into the water. Bath bombs typically come in a variety of colors and fragrances, and they can change the color of the bath water when they dissolve.

Usually, bath bombs will create bubbles for cleansing the surface of the skin. Some manufacturers market bath bombs as a cleanser, a detoxer, or as an aromatherapy product. In the case of CBD bath bombs, the products are infused with cannabidiol, a chemical compound found in the hemp plant.

Cannabidiol is a cannabinoid compound that the hemp plant naturally produces on its leaves, stems, and flowers. THC is also a cannabinoid compound, but unlike THC, CBD won’t get someone high. CBD binds to the body’s natural endocannabinoid receptors when someone ingests the compound. Using a bath bomb is one way that consumers can get a dose of CBD.

Why do people use bath bombs?

People use bath bombs for a variety of reasons, and manufacturers will market bath bombs to meet the different desires consumers have for these products. Most bath bombs are infused with essential oils that will release scents when they dissolve. These smells can have a variety of effects on an individual who uses the bath bomb. For example, bath bombs infused with lavender and calendula can be relaxing and also soothe stress. A bath bomb that’s scented with eucalyptus can help clear the nasal passages when someone has a cold or allergy.

Also, bath bombs can be infused with honey and coconut oil, which is hydrating and soothing for the skin. Moisturizing bath bombs can help alleviate itching, dryness, or other skin irritations. Soaking in a tub with a dissolved bath bomb can help rehydrate the skin while it absorbs the moisturizing, essential oils.

What are the benefits of using CBD bath bombs?

For consumers who like to relax in the tub, CBD bath bombs give users a way to use the product and get several different benefits. For one thing, bath bombs infused with CBD allow the user to get a dose of the compound in a soothing, relaxing way. Bath bombs can also be infused with other compounds for an added effect – such as argan oil for moisturization, or a lavender scent to help someone relax before bed. CBD products like oils and tinctures sometimes have a strong, pungent odor that people may not enjoy. Using a CBD bath bomb instead can be a more pleasant experience.

CBD bath bombs are another innovative, creative way to use CBD. The products are colored with food coloring, so they won’t stain the tub while they change the color of the water, which can enhance the experience and turn it into an enjoyable, self-care ritual after a stressful day.

How does CBD get into the body when someone uses a bath bomb?

Bath bombs are typically created with a combination of citric acid, and baking soda, which is the ingredient that causes the bombs to fizzle as they dissolve in the water. Each manufacturer will have a slightly different combination of dissolvable Epsom salts, dyes, and essential oils in their bath bomb product line. But the CBD in the bath bombs is absorbed through the skin at a topical level, and it’s not possible for a user to target a specific area for absorption, unlike when someone uses CBD lotions.

CBD can be eaten, used as a topical, inhaled or vaporized, or used in a bath bomb, which gives users a unique way to ingest the CBD – through the pores. Other forms of CBD, like capsules, require the product to pass through the liver before hitting the bloodstream. The CBD in the bath bomb gets absorbed directly through the opened pores and then gets into the bloodstream. The fact that the CBD is getting absorbed through open pores, and also all over the body, means the user will get a more rapid effect from the product than if they were to apply CBD topically to a specific area.

However, for the CBD to be properly absorbed through the pores of the skin, the CBD molecules must be smaller than they usually are in other CBD products. Manufacturers will shrink the CBD molecules that are then put into topical CBD products like bath bombs, lotions, and creams. This enables the skin to fully absorb the CBD molecules so the user can get the intended dose.

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What retailers sell CBD bath bombs?

The CBD industry is growing at a rapid clip, and more and more retailers of CBD products are making their mark on the industry. Consumers who live in states where CBD is legal can enjoy the opportunity to visit and purchase CBD products from brick-and-mortar stores. But the CBD industry is still in its infancy, and for many, visiting an online CBD retailer is a more feasible option. Since the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, it is now legal in the U.S. to ship CBD products that contain .3% or less of THC across state and international lines. But it’s important for consumers to purchase CBD bath bombs and other CBD products from reputable companies.

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Last updated August 31 2019