What Is A CBD Cartridge?

How Does a CBD Cartridge Work?

Consumers and health supplement fans have an array of different CBD products to choose from, and a variety of means to get their daily dose of CBD. Some of the most popular CBD products on the market today are tinctures, creams edibles, vape pens, and CBD cartridges. Consumers’ personal preferences and the type of ailment they want to treat will determine which type of CBD product will be the most beneficial and enjoyable for them. For consumers who need to obtain the therapeutic effects of CBD quickly, vaping and CBD cartridges are the way to go. But how does a CBD cartridge work? This strange apparatus can seem intimidating for newbie CBD fans, and people may mistakenly believe that CBD vaping is as dangerous as vaping nicotine. But that’s not true.

How does a CBD vape pen work?

Vape pens are popular among CBD enthusiasts because they’re discreet, portable, convenient, and odor-free. CBD has an earthy scent and taste that can be off-putting to some consumers. But vaping CBD gives users a choice of different flavors that they may find more palatable.

Most CBD vape pens work the same way, with a couple of slight variations in the design. But at its core, a vape pen works by supplying power to a heating chamber. The heating chamber houses the CBD oil, wax, or herbs. Once the chamber is sufficiently heated, the CBD product inside produces a vapor. Users then inhale the vapor through the vape pen mouthpiece.

Vape pens use the same parts. They have a battery that’s used to power the device, and these batteries are usually chargeable. The longest part of the vape pen houses the battery. Vape pen kits also come with a charger, separate from the pen. They typically contain a micro USB used for powering the device., Users can place concentrated CBD oil, wax, or dry herbs in the pen’s heating chamber or atomizer, that’s attached to the battery. Finally, the mouthpiece attaches to the chamber and is used to inhale the CBD vapor.

What type of vape cartridges are there?

A vape cartridge is the heating chamber that is slotted into a vape pen. Personal preferences typically dictate what kind of CBD cartridge a person will use. Some vape cartridges are explicitly designed for CBD oil, dry herbs, or vaping wax. It’s not possible to switch out the contents of a vape cartridge without damaging the pen. So if a user purchases a vape cartridge specifically for loading wax, it’s not a good idea to start filling it with CBD oil instead. However, it is possible to find a CBD cartridge that is versatile and can handle the different types of CBD products. It’s essential that CBD vape users understand the product they are purchasing and what it is designed to do.

Consumers can purchase pre-filled cartridges that already contain CBD oil or other vaping products. All consumers have to do is slot the cartridge onto the pen, turn it on, and inhale. Users can purchase pre-filled cartridges, or buy disposable vape pens that are already outfitted with a pre-filled cartridge. Once the pre-filled cartridge is emptied, users can dispose of the entire pen. This is an ideal device to use for traveling. Disposable pens are also a good choice for vaping newbies.


People who already vape with nicotine can mix CBD designed for vaping with their current nicotine e-liquid.


CBD manufacturers will include other natural flavors in CBD vape juice or cartridges to make the vaping experience more enjoyable. CBD companies typically offer their vaping customers a wide variety of different flavors either as part of a pre-filled cartridge line-up or as a separate purchasing option that can be placed into a vape pen. Some of the most popular flavors are fruity and sweet flavors.

Holistic Ingredients

The most high-quality pre-filled vaping cartridges contain organic hemp oil, and some even include beneficial terpenes as a holistic ingredient. Terpenes are the part of the hemp or cannabis plant that gives each strain a distinct smell and flavor. Terpenes can also enhance the therapeutic effects of CBD.


Flavored CBD vape juice is a combination of organic hemp oil, mixed with propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, and natural flavoring. Propylene glycol helps to vaporize the CBD oil so users can inhale the product and get the desired, therapeutic effects.

Can consumers refill CBD cartridges or make their own?

It is possible to purchase a refillable CBD vape pen. Consumers can mix a ratio of terpenes, and hemp or CBD oil along with a viscosity booster to make a CBD product that can be vaporized. By itself, CBD or hemp oil is not viscose, or thin enough to be heated and then vaporized. Oils in a vape cartridge need split with a viscosity booster when consumers wish to make their own ingredients for a vape cartridge.

Who uses CBD vape pens?

Vape pens are great for consumers who need the beneficial effects of CBD while on-the-go, or quickly to stave off pain or other health issues. Vaping CBD allows the product to go straight to the user’s lungs and into their bloodstream, so people can get the effects of CBD within a few seconds to minutes after inhaling. Eating CBD, putting it on the skin, or using it as a tincture can take longer to get the effects. For people with anxiety disorders or chronic pain issues, CBD vaping can help them stay in control of their symptoms.

How much do vape cartridges cost?

Vape cartridges vary in price depending on the brand, and how big of a cartridge someone needs. Typically, cartridges can range anywhere from thirty dollars to upwards of fifty dollars. Consumers should always check the brand’s reputation and third-party reviews before purchasing. CBD products are not regulated uniformly since these are considered health food supplements and are not subject to stringent FDA regulations. Consumers also need to be aware of their state’s laws governing the sale, use, and possession of CBD products.