CBD Massage Oil Effectiveness

Is CBD Massage Oil Effective?

CBD massage oil is one of the many products that show CBD is one of the most versatile supplements in the world. CBD can infuse beverages and food, and it can also be put into topicals. CBD patches, bath bombs, lotions, and creams are all making their mark on the CBD industry. For those who suffer from sore, aching muscles or need a way to reduce tension in their necks and backs, massage therapy is incredibly effective.

There are dozens of different types of massage techniques, and massage therapists can help people with both acute and chronic pain. Using oils and creams can also enhance the massage process, and make it easier for the therapist to manipulate the different muscle groups to bring relief to tense and sore clients. Practically any food-grade oil is safe for massage, but can CBD oils enhance the massage process? It depends.

A Brief History of Massage and Oils

At some point or another, practically everyone has rubbed a sore neck, manipulated an aching shoulder muscle for some relief from the tension. But the practice of therapeutic massage dates back thousands of years to ancient China.

The human body is comprised of hundreds of muscles, and some of the largest muscle groups are in the back, and these muscle groups in the back and neck control for posture and strength. Anyone who’s ever pulled or strained a muscle in their back knows how excruciating it can be. Sore neck muscles and tension from stress and anxiety can lead to headaches and overall aches and pains that can severely impact someone’s quality of life. The ancient and modern practice of therapeutic massage aims to alleviate these tensions with specialized knowledge of the muscle systems in the back. Over the last 5,000 years, this practice has evolved.

In therapeutic massage, it is believed that massage techniques cannot only alleviate acute and chronic back pain, but they can also prevent injury, reduce stress, and also promote deep relaxation. Aromatherapy and herbal medicine practices have also been used to enhance the therapeutic massage. The scent of some plants is thought to alleviate tension, promote stress relief, and also offer anti-inflammatory effects. Massage as a form of healing and medicine was used in ancient Greece, Egypt, and Rome. Japanese monks used the practice in ancient Japan, and trade routes and the growth of the Roman empire scattered the practice throughout Europe.

In the U.S., therapeutic massage was brought to the country from European and Asian immigrants. Unfortunately, massage developed an unsavory reputation in the U.S. throughout most of the 20th century. It was kept out of mainstream medicine, thought to encourage prostitution, and was left mostly unregulated. In some circles, massage was seen as a luxury good, reserved for the wealthy.

Toward the end of the 1900s, the health and wellness industry started to become more popular. Consumers began to explore traditional, natural medicine and massage therapy entered the mainstream. The industry is now subject to regulations. Everyday people use massage therapy to relax and ease their aches and pains.

How is CBD massage oil made?

CBD massage oil is a little bit different than the CBD oil that people use to enhance food or place under the tongue and ingest orally. The CBD molecules that are used in these types of CBD oil products are larger, allowing them to be absorbed by the digestive system and then entered into the bloodstream. The CBD molecules that are used in topical oils and CBD creams are smaller, so they can be absorbed through the skin.

CBD is extracted from the hemp plant through a variety of methods, but most manufacturers will use a CO2 extraction process to get the CBD compounds from the hemp plant. CO2 extraction allows for a “cleaner” final product since this process does not leave behind a residue. CO2 extraction also enables manufacturers to separate the different cannabinoid compounds, and terpenes pulled from the cannabis plant. This allows manufacturers to make different spectrums, potencies, and compositions of CBD products.

Does CBD absorb through the skin?

Yes, the skin can easily absorb chemicals and substances. This is one of the reasons why transdermal patches are so useful for administering doses of medication and pain relief to patients. The fact that the skin can absorb substances is also why it is so dangerous to expose bare skin to certain compounds and chemicals. Anything absorbed through the skin bypasses the liver and digestive system, so the body gets a more concentrated hit of whatever substance the skin was exposed to.

When someone uses CBD massage oil or CBD patches, the compound is absorbed through the outer layers of the skin and pulled into the deeper tissues where it then hits the bloodstream. CBD compounds are then circulated through the body. The cannabinoid CBD also binds to the skin’s natural cannabinoid receptors. The smaller CBD molecules that are present in high-quality CBD products allow for faster, more effective absorption rates through the skin.

What effects do people intend to get with a CBD massage oil?

Using a CBD oil during massage therapy reduces friction against the skin, which allows the massage therapist to more deeply and accurately manipulate the muscles and sensitive tissues in the back and neck. CBD massage oils are typically infused with other essential oils to help promote relaxation. CBD oils specifically marketed for massage should have smaller CBD molecules to allow for quicker, more efficient absorption through the skin.

Where can someone buy CBD massage oils?

Health food stores, pharmacies, boutiques, and massage therapy retailers often sell CBD oils in states where it has been legalized. However, CBD is a new, unregulated industry, and buyers should beware. Some unscrupulous companies will mislabel their products. It’s a good idea for consumers to buy from brands that offer independent lab testing to ensure quality.

At Hugs CBD, we believe in bringing honesty and transparency to the CBD industry. All of our products have been through rigorous, third-party testing, and you can see the results for yourself. Shop online at Hugs today and have CBD oil delivered to your home.

Last updated September 19 2019