How Effective are CBD Patches?

Transdermal patches are a popular way to administer both medications and supplements. Pharmaceutical companies make transdermal patches for birth control, pain relief, nausea, and other health issues. When most people think of an OTC transdermal patch, they’re probably most familiar with smoking cessation patches that administer tapering doses of nicotine. But with the rise in popularity of CBD substances, the industry is branching out into ever more creative and convenient ways of administering CBD. CBD patches are one way to use the supplement. There are several benefits to using a patch versus taking a supplement orally, which will be explored in more detail below.

What are patches or transdermal medications?

A transdermal patch is an adhesive that is placed on the skin, delivering small doses of medicine directly into the bloodstream for a certain period. People can benefit from using transdermal patches because the patches release steady, low doses of a substance straight into the bloodstream. The patches release measured doses at regular intervals, so users do not have to do anything to get the required dose, making them a convenient, “hands-off” product.

Many drugs and other medications can be taken as a transdermal patch. The most common are birth control patches, nicotine patches, and pain relievers. The outer layers of the skin absorb the substance into the deeper layers of tissue, where they enter the bloodstream and then circulate throughout the body.

There are several advantages to using transdermal patches:

  • The medicine is absorbed in a steady, predictable rate
  • They are user-friendly and hands-off
  • The drug can bypass the digestive system

Transdermal patches have been used for decades to administer medication to patients. While they can be safer to use than other methods of ingesting drugs, it is possible to overdose on a patch. Patches that are torn or ripped can release more medication than is safe through the user’s skin. It’s also possible for someone to swallow a patch and poison themselves. Transdermal patches should always be kept out-of-reach of children and pets.

Why would someone use a CBD patch over an oral medication?

Oral medications come with a range of risks and other inconveniences that may make their use impossible for some patients. For one thing, transdermal patches bypass the digestive tract. Consumers who are sick and prone to nausea may not be able to take a pill. Also, patches mean that consumers don’t have to remember to take a pill, which can also decrease the chances of accidental overdose. Patches also give users the ability to deliver a concentrated dose to an isolated area. Transdermal patches for muscle soreness, arthritis pain, or swelling can be placed directly over the painful area and then allowed to deliver direct relief to the inflammation. Some patients may have problems swallowing pills but can easily use a patch instead.

These same benefits can be found with CBD patches. The dose of the CBD is already placed within the patch, so users don’t have to worry about measuring a dose of CBD themselves. The patch also allows users to place the supplement directly over an isolated area. Users who suffer from nausea and vomiting can benefit from using a CBD patch instead of taking an oral CBD product.

How fast does CBD absorb into the body?

CBD absorption rates vary depending on the method of use. For example, anytime someone orally ingests a medicine, supplement, or substance, it can take anywhere from a half hour to several hours for the item to take effect. What someone eats with the supplement, and what their metabolic rate is, can also affect absorption rates with this method. The reason why it can take a long time for things to absorb this way is that things that are eaten have to be processed through the liver and digestive system before hitting the bloodstream.

In contrast, taking a supplement or medication with methods that put the substance directly into the bloodstream will allow the substance to work faster. Vaping and smoking allow materials to go straight to the lungs and hit the blood, where they are then circulated throughout the body. Placing a substance directly under the tongue allows it to be absorbed quickly through the capillaries under the tongue. Also, transdermal patches enable the skin to absorb substances, pulling them down into the bloodstream. With a patch, CBD can be absorbed within a few minutes.

Are there any risks to using CBD patches?

Some users may experience skin irritation when using a CBD patch, especially if they have sensitive skin. CBD can also interact with certain prescription medications. It’s critical that people speak to their doctor before adding CBD patches or other CBD products to their supplement regimen. The most common side effects of CBD are dry mouth and drowsiness. Users should also understand that CBD is not the same as THC, and it won’t impair someone’s ability to function, and it’s not addictive.

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Do users need a prescription for a CBD patch?

CBD is a supplement, not a prescription medication. People can purchase CBD without a prescription at health food stores, grocers, pharmacies, and online. Because CBD is a supplement, insurance will not cover CBD products.

CBD is a new supplement to enter the health and wellness industry, and for many consumers, it can be difficult for them to find quality CBD products in a local store. Fortunately, there are numerous online CBD retailers that consumers can purchase from. However, CBD is not regulated by the FDA, so consumers should be careful to vet and research the CBD company they intend to purchase from before they hit the “buy” button. Some retailers won’t source for high-quality hemp, and many less reputable CBD products are mislabeled with incorrect cannabinoid amounts.

At Hugs, we’re committed to bringing transparency to the CBD industry. All CBD products from Hugs are tested through an independent lab, and each lab result is listed on our product pages for you to look through. When you buy from us, you know exactly what you’re getting. Shop online at Hugs today and have high-quality CBD delivered to your home.