The Most Potent CBD Oil

As CBD sales continue to grow and gain steam, many people still confuse CBD and hemp oil with marijuana. But CBD oils are not the same as the pot that gets people high. The cannabis plant produces hundreds of cannabinoid compounds, and THC is only one of them. Cannabis also produces CBD, the main ingredient in the CBD supplements that are taking the health and wellness industry by storm. Since it is such a new product to hit the wellness market, newbie CBD enthusiasts may find the array of products and potency levels confusing. In general, though, CBD oils are some of the most common and popular CBD products and are the easiest to find and get started with for those unfamiliar with potent CBD oil.

How is CBD extracted?

Marijuana is one of the two plant types that make up the cannabis genome. Hemp is the other one. Most CBD products are sourced from hemp plants, which carry very little THC. CBD is formed in greater abundance on the hemp plant. Manufacturers can extract CBD compounds from the cannabis plant in a variety of ways, depending on what the end product will be. But when it comes to CBD oil, most high-quality manufacturers that produce CBD oils of different spectrums and potencies will use the CO2 extraction process.

Among CBD connoisseurs and enthusiasts, CO2 extraction methods are considered the best way to get CBD from the cannabis plant’s flowers, stems, and leaves. CO2 extraction does not leave behind any residue. The machinery used for the CO2 extraction process is sophisticated and contains different parts and chambers. These parts control for temperature and pressure levels, allowing the manufacturer to extract the different beneficial compounds of the hemp plant, and isolate them in separate chambers.

Cannabinoids like CBD also need to be heated to a certain temperature to activate them. That’s why just eating a raw marijuana flower won’t get someone high – the THC hasn’t been activated. Instead, the cannabis plant must be heated to “turn on” the cannabinoids, CBD included. The body can’t process cannabinoids that haven’t been heated to a certain degree.

Once the cannabinoids are extracted, they are suspended within a carrier oil. The type of carrier oil will differ depending on the manufacturer, and some consumers prefer certain oils to others for their nutritional qualities. It’s possible to find CBD oils that use MCT, coconut, grapeseed, and hemp oil. Some do-it-yourself-ers will make their own CBD oils using olive oil. This can then be added to pasta dishes, sauces, and salads.

How much CBD is added to various products?

The amount of CBD compounds a manufacturer adds to the final CBD product can vary. Some products are more potent and concentrated than others. For example., CBD concentrates like wax, shatter, and budder are some of the most potent CBD products someone can buy. The way people ingest CBD will also affect potency. CBD concentrates, for example, are vaped, which is one of the quickest ways to get the desired effects of CBD.

Most potent CBD oil can be purchased in bottles that measure 15 mL or .5 ounces, to 30 mL or 1 ounce. But, the concentration of the CBD compounds in the bottle is more crucial than the size of the container itself. The concentration of CBD refers to the ratio of CBD compounds measured in milligrams or mg. So, a 15 mL bottle of CBD oil could contain up to 100 mg, 300 mg, 500 mg, or more of CBD. A larger amount of CBD milligrams in the bottle indicates a strong potency. The mg of CBD in a bottle is sometimes labeled as the “strength” of the product. So a 400 mg bottle of CBD could be labeled as 400-strength CBD oil. Different brands will label their products as “strength” instead of milligrams (mg) measurement since the CBD industry is not subject to uniform regulations.

It’s also critical for consumers to understand that because potent CBD oil is not uniformly regulated, many products can be mislabeled. Independent testing of some CBD products has uncovered that less reputable, fly-by-night brands sometimes contain few trace amounts of beneficial cannabinoids. Purchasing CBD products from a CBD company that offers independent lab testing can help consumers avoid these pitfalls.

How much CBD a person needs to take and the potency level they may find beneficial depends on a number of factors. For one thing, someone’s weight significantly affects the potency level of CBD they may need. Metabolic rate can also influence potency levels, and the issue a person wants to alleviate with CBD can influence the potency level of the product they will ultimately buy. Consumers should always consult with a physician before using CBD.

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What is the most effective form of CBD products?

The most effective CBD products are ones that accurately list their potency and concentration levels. This way, consumers can pick the product that will work best for them, and they can rest assured that the product is labeled honestly. For consumers, it’s ideal to purchase CBD products from companies that offer third-party lab test results.

What CBD oils contain the highest potency levels?

Typically, CBD oils that contain CBD concentrations of 500 mg or more have the strongest potency levels.

Where can someone purchase potent CBD oil?

CBD oils are not prescriptions, so it is possible for people to purchase the out-of-pocket in health food stores, grocers, pharmacies, and through online vendors. Most vendors carry CBD oils of varying strength and potencies, and it’s critical for consumers to do their research and also consult their doctor before using CBD. Higher CBD potencies can cause dry mouth and drowsiness.

At Hugs CBD, we’re committed to bringing increased transparency and honesty to the CBD industry. All of our CBD products are run through vigorous, third-party lab testing to ensure quality and accuracy. Shoppers can check out the lab results on each of our product pages. Shop online at Hugs today and have CBD delivered straight to your door.

Last updated August 31 2019