75 Things to do Right Now to Improve Your Life

75 Things to do Right Now to Improve Your Life
July 17, 2020 Hugs CBD
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Are we about to fix all of your problems with this list? Ok probably not, but doing positive things for yourself everyday can improve your quality of life, your mental wellbeing and your relationships! Besides, you deserve the love you give to others. 

  1. Put down your phone for five minutes and witness life happening around you
  2. Read more books that bring you joy 
  3. Try forest bathing 
  4. Learn to say “no”
  5. Learn to hear “no” as a complete sentence 
  6. Ask for help when you need it and learn to do things alone when you can
  7. Slow down
  8. Take a leap of faith
  9. Take a bath and ignore all responsibilities for an hour
  10. Start a meditation practice (link to meditation blog)
  11. Stop making excuses
  12. Set a goal and make plans to achieve it
  13. Do a puzzle, crossword or brain exercise
  14. Take time to write down your thoughts and feelings
  15. Reach out to someone you miss, even if you think they should be reaching out to you
  16. Let a go of a grudge
  17. Unfollow that person you can’t stand 
  18. Drink a full glass of water
  19. Drink another glass of water
  20. Take the time to cook a meal and enjoy it with someone you love 
  21. Learn to be alone with yourself
  22. Set a boundary and insist that the people around you respect it
  23. Do a face mask
  24. Make your bed every morning
  25. Create something, anything
  26. Do some research into CBD and try it
  27. Do something that scares you
  28. Tell someone that you love them
  29. Make a plan to quit a bad habit and stick to it 
  30. Call your mom 
  31. Take a moment to laugh
  32. Start a nighttime routine
  33. Read a book by someone with a perspective you’ve never heard before
  34. Fold your laundry right when it comes out of the dryer and put it away
  35. Write down ten things you’re grateful for, then do it again tomorrow
  36. Forgive someone
  37. Forgive yourself for a past mistake
  38. Stand up and stretch for 5 minutes every hour
  39. Light a candle
  40. Do that thing you keep putting off, the relief of getting it done will feel amazing
  41. Put on that song you love and dance your heart out
  42. Spend time with an animal, if you don’t have a pet offer to dog or cat sit for a neighbor or spend time volunteering at your local animal shelter 
  43. Wear sunscreen everyday
  44. Search for and read some happy news
  45. Explore part of your city you haven’t seen before and learn about it’s history
  46. Listen to a genre of music you don’t usually listen to and see what you can learn from it
  47. Organize your living space or your working space
  48. Stop apologizing when there’s nothing to apologize for
  49. Recognize when you do need to apologize and make sure your apologies are always sincere
  50. Say thank you more often
  51. Recognize that you don’t have control over everything
  52. Take some time away from social media and see how your life changes
  53. Write a list of things you always say you’ll do “someday” and start doing them today
  54. Stand up for something you believe in, even if you are standing alone
  55. Volunteer for an organization you feel passionate about
  56. Have high expectations for the way people treat you and work to make sure they’re met
  57. Learn to be an active listener 
  58. Do your research before you start an argument
  59. Put your energy into your passions
  60. Schedule “me time” into your life
  61. Set your intentions for the day each morning
  62. “When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.” — Maya Angelou
  63. Let go of your ego
  64. Dream big but be realistic about getting there
  65. Do something completely selfless 
  66. Be honest about your feelings, no matter how scary it is
  67. Put on your favorite outfit and take yourself on a date, self love is just as important as romantic love!
  68. Watch some unlikely animal friends videos, trust us
  69. Bake something and eat as much as you want, without guilt
  70. Treat yourself to new pillows
  71. Get a professional massage
  72. Walk barefoot in the grass or on a beach 
  73. Learn to laugh at yourself
  74. Learn a new skill and share it with others
  75. Watch or read something that makes you laugh

Not enough for you? Let us know what other acts of self care you can do today and everyday to improve your life. Self-care is so important to us, so important in fact, it’s pretty much our whole thing! To learn more, check out our about us page and see how Hugs can be a part of your self care journey.

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