Healthy Ways To Deal With 2020

Healthy Ways To Deal With 2020
November 17, 2020 Hugs CBD
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The year 2020 hasn’t gone the way anyone imagined it would. With a pandemic, ugly politics, lockdowns, and a departure from normalcy we also get other things: heightened anxiety, depression, loneliness and burnout. For many of us, it feels like it’s going to get worse before it gets better. When you add all of these things together, it underscores the importance of practicing self-care. We’ve put together a few simple ways you can deal with everything going on. 

So, how can you unwind a little after this crazy a** year? 


See a therapist: 

Our friends and family are also living through a high stress time and it’s important that they aren’t our only outlet to vent. Therapy can teach you new coping strategies, provide alternative viewpoints, and kickstart your personal growth. 


There is plenty that we don’t yet know about how meditation affects us, but what we do know is pretty encouraging. Studies show that meditation helps build our resilience to stress, increase our ability to solve problems, and increase compassion. I’m sure we all agree that those a great things. 

Breathe Work:

While breathework sounds similar to meditation, they are actually quite different. Meditation typically involves following your natural breathing rhythm whereas breathework involves consciously manipulating your breathing. 

Have a plan:

This is all about giving yourself something to look forward to. Let’s stop making excuses, rip off the bandaid, and get busy living. Your plans don’t need to be huge, they can be as simple as going for a hike, or a nature walk. Whatever sparks joy for you, get it on the calendar so you have something to look forward to. 


Eat Well: 

Our diets are critical to our overall well-being. It’s important to remember that improving your diet doesn’t have to be done all at once and it doesn’t need to be perfect. We suggest making small changes over time and working to build better eating habits. Maybe it’s cutting back on sugar a little bit today, or eating an extra helping of veggies tomorrow. Eating well can lower stress, increase energy, and sharpen your mind. 

Move Your Body

Move a muscle, change a feeling. Sometimes it really is that simple. You don’t need to be an all star athlete to reap the benefits of movement – just do it. Do the best you can do and keep it simple. A walk, a hike, some stretches, or yoga are great places to start. 

Sleep: Millions of Americans struggle with sleep every day, which is unfortunate because we need sleep to help our bodies recover and recharge. That’s actually why we created our Nightcap Tincture a holistic recipe to help you sleep. A good nights rest allows the body and mind to function properly, allowing you to be your best. 


Read A Book: 

Reading an old favorite, or a brand new story can help you unwind and escape in a healthy way. Just picture yourself with a cozy hoodie on, a great book in your hand, cuddled up on the couch with some coffee. You probably feel better already! 


There’s something about writing that is highly therapeutic. Maybe it’s seeing your frustrations in writing that takes some of their power away, maybe it’s the meditative aspect of it, or a combination of both. Empty your mind on to some paper and see how you feel. 

Practice Self-Care: You deserve it. Draw a nice, hot bath and drop in a bath bomb, write a gratitude list, eat some chocolate, whatever helps you let go and be in the present moment. 

Forest Bathe:  This isn’t about exercise, it’s about just being one with nature. Allowing all of our senses to absorb the beauty and rhythm of mother nature. 

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