Our Top 5 Wellness Apps

Our Top 5 Wellness Apps
October 9, 2019 Hugs CBD
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Smartphones aren’t just a gigantic timewaster that takes us away from moments of mindfulness. Nonsense! They are tools that can unlock greater inner wisdom and vision to better live our daily lives.

While there have been numerous studies about the omnipresence of smartphones in our lives and their potential in declining our cognitive states, all smartphone use is indeed not created equal. Certain apps, approaches to multitasking, and notification settings

What cannot be debated is the fact that 70% of American adults and nearly 50% of worldwide adults are now fully immersed in their smartphones, as the physical and the digital have become blurred together spectacularly.

This simply underscores the need for apps and technological avenues to toe the line between digital immersion and the pursuit of physical happiness, a dichotomy that certainly mirrors the contradictory nature of human smartphone use.

Fortunately, there are ample opportunities to find mindfulness through the screen, today more than ever. With that in mind, here are our top 5 wellness apps.


Billing itself as the “#1 app for sleep and meditation,” the Calm app allows users to learn approaches to meditation, getting more restful sleep, and moving mindfully. It aims to transform bouts of negative self-talk with positive experiences that lead to you to focus, relax, and sleep to the point of waking up feeling refreshed.

Calm offers different kinds of guided meditation sessions that focus on different goals. They are available in lengths of three, five, ten, 15, 20, or 25 minutes and hone in on themes such as calming anxiety, commuting to work or school, and loving-kindness.

These guided meditations fit with your schedule and are personalized to whatever aspect of life you need to work on. It’s convenient for wherever you’re at on your spiritual journey.

The deep breathing programs, sleep stories, and mellowing music truly live up to the app’s name.


Daylio is a mood tracker and “micro diary” that captures your day without you even writing a single line down. You pick your mood and keep tabs on your activities throughout the day, discovering hidden patterns and new truths about yourself you weren’t even aware of.

This form of identifying and tracking your feelings can help create productive habits like running, waking up earlier, or eating more healthfully. It’s a fun way to gain personal awareness about one’s feelings while implementing multimedia such as videos and gamification to verbalize an emotion.

The app’s “Statistics and Calendar” tool is a fascinating visual of your inner workings. You can learn from the behaviors of the past to manage times of depression moving forward.

Charity Miles

This fitness app donates money to the organization of your choice – as long as you log in miles running, walking, dancing or biking. It gives you worldly purpose, both individually and on the level of the whole.

Sponsors agree to donate a few cents for every mile you complete while letting you in on offers and promos, allowing you to be sponsored yourself.

Whether your cause is Feeding America, the World Wildlife Foundation, the Wounded Warrior Project, or the ALS Association, Charity Miles encourages you to literally move for the causes that move you.

Awesome Note

Scheduling apps are allowing people to stay organized and less stressed, and Awesome Note stands above them all with its captivating interface and user-friendly design. It molds and bends to your will, encapsulating to-do lists, notes, and calendars in a bright and highly-customizable platform.

Keep track of your daily journey, business, and studies by writing down any and all incoming thoughts related to your work and/or personal life. Its voice memo, map, and drawing features make note-taking fun, easy, and dynamic.


Happify offers “science-based activities and games” that can reduce stress and build resilience, constructing skills for greater, longer-lasting happiness. It steers you in the direction of breaking old patterns and forming new habits, helping you take control of your feelings and thoughts when you feel sad, anxious, or stressed.

The app measures your well-being with “evidence-based interventions” in positive psychology, cognitive behavioral therapy, and mindfulness while aiming to transform lives through learning new habits of successful engagement with life.

It’s designed to break negative thoughts with positive affirmations and activities that set your mind into the quiet, reminding you that happiness isn’t just one thing – it’s everything.

Check out our favorite wellness blogs and podcasts. Happy reading, listening, and doing!

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